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  The Historical Method of Herodotus
The Historical Method of Herodotus

(Phoenix Supplementary Vol. 23, University of Toronto Press, Toronto: 1989) xi + 319 pp. Corrected paperback edition, December 1991.

Analysis of the rhetoric, patterning, architecture, and construction of meaning in the first Western historian. Accompanied by inventories and charts of significant features such as characteristics of tyrants, alternative versions, polemical passages, and intentional omissions.

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  Sardonic Smile
Sardonic Smile: Nonverbal Behavior in Homeric Epic

(University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor: 1995) xxi + 340 pp. CHOICE an "outstanding academic press book of 1996". Corrected paperback edition, June 1998.

Analysis of the gestures, postures, human uses of space and time, manipulation of Heroic respect and disrespect protocols, and the contribution of NVB to characterization of individuals in both the Iliad and the Odyssey.

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  The Histories of Herodotus
The Histories of Herodotus

orig. transl. G.C. Macaulay. Fully revised translation and new Introduction, extensive annotations, Bibliographies, Notes, and Nachleben (including references in later literature, art and music, and subsequent "appreciations") (Barnes & Noble. New York: 2004).
Corrected hardback edition 2005.

Full text with numbered chapters of a Classic translation of the first Western historian. Up-to-date 21 pp. introduction and annotated bibliographies. 8 Maps. Sections on Herodotean Nachleben in literature and art and Macaulay's extremely detailed index.

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  Sardonic Smile
Thucydides, Peloponnesian War

Introduction to Crawley translation (lightly revised), extensively annotated text and bibliography, Jowett Index, etc. (Barnes & Noble. New York 2006).

Partly revised translation and 31 pp. new introduction with topical annotated bibliography. 12 Maps. Selection of modern judgments on Thucydides. Jowett's detailed 60 pp. indexes of proper names and general topics.

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Lionel Pearson: Selected Papers

{co-edited by Susan Stephens}(Scholars Press, Chico CA l983) xv + 263 pp.

Thirty important essays and reviews reprinted from eleven journals. Pearson, a leading Hellenist, wrote these between 1934 and 1978. The book is divided into three sections on Geography, History, and Oratory and has three indexes.

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Autobiography of A. E. Raubitschek (1912-1999)

(edited, annotated, introduced, and epilogued (Newcastle 2014): Histos, Supplementary Volume 1)
Online at: Newcastle University Research Projects
  Sardonic Smile
Thucydides and Herodotus: Connections, Divergences, and Reception

(co-edited with Edith Foster. Oxford University Press. Oxford. 2012)

Thirteen essays on relationships between the two historians.

  Sardonic Smile
Roman Literature, Gender, and Reception. Domina Illustris: Essays in Honor of Judith Peller Hallett

(co-edited with Judith Perkins and Barbara Gold. Routledge, New York. 2013)

Nineteen contributions on Roman culture, ancient Gender, and Latin Literature.

  Sardonic Smile
The Ancient Emotion of Disgust

(co-edited with Dimos Spatharas. Oxford UP forthcoming. 2017.

Thirteen contributions from the Edinburgh 2014 Celtic Classical Conference.