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Symmetry and Conservation in Spacetime

Laura Becker
Advisor:  Dr. Barbara Andereck
Ohio Wesleyan University
Spring 2005

Getting Around the Site
Group Theory Stuff:    What is a group?
                                Symmetry Transformations of an Equilateral Triangle
                                Example of an Isomorphism
                                Example of a Homomorphism
Symmetry to Conservation:   Noether’s Theorem
                                          Noether’s Theorem in Spacetime
                                          Principle of Least Action
                                          Symmetry Transformations
                                          Example:  Translation in Space
                                          Example:  Conservation of Momentum
                                          Noether’s Theorem in Special Relativity
                                          Noether’s Theorem in General Relativity
Generators:   Generators of Transformations
                    Transformations and their Generators
Special Types of Transformations:    Lorentz Boost
                                                    Galilei Boost

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