Policies & Guidelines

General Guidelines

Animals in the Library:

With the exception of licensed service animals, pets/animals are not allowed in the OWU libraries.

Additionally, a service animal must be under the control of its handler at all times. If the service animal has been deemed by library staff to pose a direct threat to the health or safety of others, it may be excluded from the premises regardless of training or certification

Signs and Flyers in the Library:

As you may know, Beeghly Library is a popular place to hang flyers and signs for events and other happenings on campus. However you may not know that Beeghly also has certain guidelines it must follow regarding the placement of signs and other advertising materials. Below you will find a list of preferred and designated spots for you to hang and display these items as well as a few other guidelines to help ensure your message will be seen by library visitors.

  • Designated places for hanging signs are: 1( the bulletin board in the entrance area of the library, 2( the bulletin boards in the basement outside of the Media Center, 3( the blue bulletin--ike boards in the library café
  • Signs found anywhere other than these designated spots will be removed
  • Signs containing dated information (.g. event has already happened) are also subject to removal
  • Certain subjects might also be cause for sign removal (e.g. the mentioning or advertising of alcohol)
  • If you would like to post information in a different spot or have a sign larger than 11x17, we ask that you contact Dee Peterson, Coordinator of User Services, or Bonnie Mahle, Assistant to the Director, to see if another display option might be possible
  • The library does not supply materials for displaying signs and flyers like tape or push pins - please be ready to bring your own

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