Student Employment Information

Ohio Wesleyan University Libraries offer many employment and learning opportunities. We are one of the largest student employers on campus. We hire approximately 30 new students every year for a total of nearly 60. Student assistants are vital to the general operation of the OWU Libraries. Student assistants supplement the work of the library staff, providing them time to work on other projects. Our student assistants perform essential tasks as well as enable us to satisfy the demand for long hours of operation.

The OWU Libraries offer our student assistants flexible work hours to fit around their class/study schedules. Students who work here learn to use the library more effectively in their own studies. They gain valuable experience working with fellow students, faculty and staff, as well as the general public.

Students who receive a work-study grant as part of their financial aid package may be interested in applying for employment with us. For additional information please contact Bonnie Mahle, Student Personnel Coordinator at or 740-368-3247.


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