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Research (Ohio Wesleyan University Summer Science Research Program 2004)

For twelve weeks during summer of 2004, I worked with Dr. Sean McCulloch at Ohio Wesleyan University on analysis and optimization of an algorithm to route integrated circuits. Quark, a routing tool, strives to realize nets by connecting many logic blocks on an IC. Quark embodies an auction-based methodology where the nets can bid on the components they need to realize their entire route. Each net in Quark has a personality that defines its behavior in the bidding process. Our study was directed towards Quark’s Focused personality, which is specialized for multi-terminal nets and is a complex personality. Our work concentrated on ways in which the Focused personality can be made to achieve better results. In analyzing the existing personality’s performance, we discovered that the results of routing were poor under situations characterized by extreme competition between nets for resources. We developed an algorithm that detected bidding wars between nets for particular resources and tried to re-route intelligently to avoid future bidding wars, thus making the routing process more efficient.

Summer was good and I learned a lot. I had to present my research during the science symposium when the new science center facility was dedicated. I also had to give another talk later on in the department, which was specifically for Math and CS majors. If you want to know more, my presentation from that talk is available here in Microsoft PowerPoint .ppt format here and in notes style .pdf format here.

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