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I have a few things for sale before I move to Utah for graduate school. Here they are. Feel free to email me if you have any more questions.

 - Sony 27" Wega Flat Screen TV ($350)
 - Sony portable boombox ($50)
 - Sony CD burner (external) ($25)
 - black color 3-bulb lamp ($10)
 - white color twisting floor lamp ($5)


Sony Wega 27" Flat Screen TV ($350)
- Its costs more than $450 brand new. Plus there are taxes. I got it in February of this year and so its just 3 months old.
- I am selling it because I don't want to haul it all the way to Utah. I am selling it $100 cheap because of a little damage to its body that is hardly noticeable. The shipping carrier made a little ding in the top area. You can see it in the pictures. When you're watching TV, you hardly ever notice it unless you look for it intentionally. It is a great TV and there is no internal problem other than this little body ding.
- SONY is known for its picture quality and sound. I compared it with many other 27" tvs and no other TV even comes close to the sound quality this TV gives. Its truly awesome.
- Its got 4 AV ports, including one in the front which hides away if you are not using it. Great for gaming. The remote is so good that it allows you to control your DVD player/ Satellite system with it too.
- comes in its original box properly packed along with everything that came with it.

- With FD Trinitron flat-screen technology, this 27" WEGA TV gives you a beautiful picture in a practical midsize set. You'll love the convenience features such as Speed Surf Channel Selection and Steady Sound volume control
- 27" stereo TV with 16:9 enhanced mode V-compression
- FD Trinitron WEGA flat-screen technology lets you enjoy incredible image accuracy and wider viewing angles
- ClearEdge VM Wideband Velocity Modulation doubles VM capacity from high-frequency sources like DVD
- Includes standard remote

Price: $350 (sells for over $475 including taxes)

click here for more pictures of sony wega 27" tv.
SONY Portable Boombox/CD player ($50)

Model CFD-S250
CD Player + Cassette Recorder + Radio
Remote Control
CD-R/CD-RW playback
10 Direct Access Keys for CD and Tuner
Silver color
Great condition. Very minimally used for about one year. Comes in its original box with all its accessories it came with.

Price: $50. (Sells for more than $70 in Wal-Mart etc)

click here to view more pictures of the boombox
SONY Vaio CD Burner (external) ($25)
- external cd burner. Why go for an external CD burner you ask? If you have a laptop and it doesnt have a CD burner, this is your easiest way to get started burning CDs. Even if you have a desktop, you can use it and save the hassle of opening it and putting another drive inside.
- Its simple to use. Just install the software thats included, connect the cable to your pc and you're ready to go.
- Speeds: 12x / 8x / 32x.  (12x writing speed, 8x erasing speed, 32x reading speed).
- connects via the IEEE1394/Firewire/iLink port.
- comes with all original software cds, power cable and cable to connect it to the pc.

Price: $25


click here to view more pictures of the cd burner
black colored 3-bulb lamp ($10)
- theres not much to explain about it now, is there?

Price: $10

click to enlarge
white color twisting floor lamp ($5)
Feel free to email me at kachheda@owu.edu if you have any questions. Thanks for looking.
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