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There are many books that I have read over the years, but have lost track of them. I decided that it was time to keep a track of which books I have read when I went to see an Ohio Wesleyan Theatre production Boy Gets Girl and in the middle of the play I realized I knew the script and then I remembered that I have actually read the book long time ago. So from now on I will try to keep track of the books that I read to avoid such surprizes. :)

Maelstrom by Peter Watts (currently reading - June 2005)
The Watch
by Dennis Danvers (currently reading - May 2005)
Starfish by Peter Watts (read - May 2005)
Northern Lights by Nora Roberts (read May 2005)

Deception Point by Dan Brown (read Feb 2005)
Word of Honor by Nelson DeMille (read Feb 2005)
Spencerville by Nelson DeMille (read Jan 2005)
Up Country by Nelson DeMille (read 2004)
Gold Coast by Nelson DeMille (read 2004)
Boy Gets Girl - A play by Rebecca Gilman (read 2004)
The General's Daughter by Nelson DeMille (read 2003)
If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon (read 2003)
Plum Island by Nelson DeMille (read 2003)
The Charm School by Nelson DeMille (read 2002)
The Lion's Game by Nelson DeMille (read 2002)

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