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About Me  
I am a student at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, OH. Its a nice little town north of Columbus (about 30 miles). I like computers, technology, friends, finance and stocks, hiking, biking and other outdoor sports. I also like solving problems and hence computers and math come naturally to me. OWU has a decent program in Math and CS. Other than academics, OWU offers a lot of opportunities outside the classroom too and I am very involved on campus. This is supposed to be a gateway for whats going on in my life and so on, but I am just beginning to re-haul my old site entirely. The current version of my site is just a temporary stage in between. So I haven't left much content up other than my research and current happenings. I'm expecting to get some more time to work on it over the winter break though.
I participated in OWU's Summer Science Research Program last summer by working with Dr. Sean McCulloch in his research. We worked on optimizing a routing algorithm that he has developed for simultaneously routing nets on an FPGA chip using an auction-based methodology. Summer was good and I learned a lot. I had to present my research during the science symposium when the new science center facility was dedicated. I also had to give another talk later on which was specifically for Math and CS majors. My presentation from that talk is available here in Microsoft PowerPoint as well as PDF handout here.
Vietnam Humanitarian Trip - March 2005
A team of 12 Ohio Wesleyan Students, of which I was one, went to Vietnam to learn about Agent Orange, a herbicide sprayed during the war which has left many war veterans (both American and Vietnamese) grappling with diseases such as cancer. Its worse in Vietnam because AO is in their environment, in the very air they breathe, the food they eat and the water they drink. So it has been passed down to generations and today the third generation of Vietnamese are suffering its consequences. It was a very powerful trip and we learnt a lot, spread the message of peace and came back making many more friends. Out of this trip, a new group - VAOV (Voices for Victims of Agent Orange) has been formed at Ohio Wesleyan. This group's main goal is to spread more awareness about AO and help the victims receive justice. As I graduate from OWU, I cant participate in the meetings anymore but it is my goal to spread the word anyways!
Currently I am...  
- Relaxing a bit before I start grad school this fall. Also trying to sell a lot of stuff I have accumulated in my past four years here.
- Excited, Anxious, Nervous about grad school at Univ. of Utah as well as Salt Lake City
- Haven't seen Ocean's 12 yet. Is it out on DVD yet?
- working as an intern at ECNext, Inc.
- Catching up on some reading. Still staying up late nights. Even longer these days. I don't sleep until its like 8 am in the morning these days. I wish I had read my textbooks with so much dedication. (Its 5:45 am right now.)
- Toying with my new Minolta S414 Digital Camera that I got last december. I can take pictures and all, but am trying to learn all the funky stuff I can do with it. Its a pretty powerful camera.
- Just got back from a trip to Canada I took with Thanh after graduation. I really enjoyed it. I always enjoy Canada anyways. Stayed over in Niagara Falls for a night. Its awesome to watch the mist at night in all the lights.
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