Kim G. Dolgin
Professor of Psychology

A.B. University of Pennsylvania, biology and anthropology (1977)
M.A. University of Pennsylvania, biology (1977)
M.A. University of Pennsylvania, psychology (1978)
Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania, psychology (1981)

Before coming to Ohio Wesleyan in 1985, Dr. Dolgin was an assistant professor at the Institute of Child Development of the University of Minnesota. She is currently conducting research on the changing relationships of parents and children, siblings, and friends across the lifespan. She is also interested in children's social cognition, particularly in their ability to assess others' actions as either intended or accidental. Additionally, she has published research concerning children's abilities to understand the emotional qualities of music. Dr. Dolgin teaches a sequence of developmental courses and supervises internships and research projects in the Department's Early Childhood Center. She has recently become a co-author on the book The Adolescent: Development, Relationships, and Culture, written  with Phillip Rice.  In 1989 she received the Sherwood Dodge Shankland Award for the Encouragement of Teachers, and in 2003 she won the Bishop Welch Award for Exceptional Teaching.

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Child Psychology
Human Sexuality
Psychology of the Atypical Child
Introduction to Psychology
Psych of Women