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Paper-less Class & Digital Submissions Guide
Update: 10/22/09

Using Less Paper in Class

To this worthy end...

Digital Submissions

For each exercise or take-home exam:

The following information is organized assuming you will

Graphics: Getting graphics off the Web

Most of you are familiar with graphics file formats like JPG and GIF and PNG. To keep things simple, stick to these basic file formats. Other formats will work, and feel free to experiment if you want to.

Graphics: Scanning paper maps & graphics

The AV Center in the basement of Beeghly Library has a scanner and staff to help you use it. It is available until 9pm most eves.

In addition to the basic graphic file formats (JPG, GIF, PNG) you must be familiar with file size when scanning paper maps. File size refers to the dimensions (length, width) as well as the resolution.

Scanning software packages and scanners have many options, a few are important for our purposes:

Words & PDF Files

Most of you use Microsoft Word and all of you have access to it (in the GIS Lab where our class is held or elsewhere on campus). There are other options: Word Perfect and free, open-source software such as OpenOffice.

Choose a word processor that allows you to insert, import, or paste in graphics files. Once in the word processor, the size and resolution of a graphic can be adjusted.

Choose a word processor that allows you to save as or export a PDF file. Windows WordPerfect and OpenOffice export PDFs. If you are using a Mac, Word and OpenOffice export PDFs. Windows Word users can find free or inexpensive Word to PDF converters on the web, or can just save as a .doc or .docx file.

Emailing the PDF/DOC as an Attachment

Email programs allow you to attach documents and email them. If your file is large, it may be difficult to email. If your graphics are created as above none of them should be too large. Talk to me if you are having difficulty emailing your file to me.

Don't ever remove the file extension (.pdf, .doc, .docx) from your file: this will garble the file. Best also to not use spaces in the file name, use an underscore (_) instead.

I will email you when I receive and can successfully open your file. If you don't hear from me please send another email (without the attachment) asking if I got the file.

It is up to you to make sure I get the file.

E-mail: Geog 222 Main Page and Course Description krygier teaching page. krygier top page.

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