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Geog 222 Exercise 1: Mapping PsychoGeographies

Revised: 8/18/14

ASSIGNED in class Friday September 5
DUE in class Wednesday September 10: group update on progress
DUE by 10 pm Sunday September 14: email digital copy of Exercise 1 (so I can upload to class website for your presentations)
PRESENT group presentation of project in class Mon. September 15 & Wed. September 17
Exercise Worth: 50 pts

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Geography 222 Fall 2014 Groups (look up your namesake here):


On your "Age of Majority": If you are not yet 18, please talk to your kind instructor. I would gladly send my kids (6 and 10) on this psychogeography expedition but you may be a bit more delecate.

On "Engaged Discomfort": Getting out of your comfort zone is a useful pedogogic strategy. Discomfort (of diverse kinds) leads to physical and mental engagement which may serve to get your brain going and encourage insight, learning, and understanding. Thus walking about unknown territory paying attention to sensory and emotional imputs may be uncomfortable at times, but you will get something significant out of the experience. Keep in mind that it is OK to be a bit uncomfortable. However: use your senses and stay out of trouble (at least, stay out of too much trouble: a bit is ok).

Please review the materials on this page before you go out on your psychogeographic expedition. In particular, the links in part 3 have many useful resources and things to think about (which will lead to a better project)

Please work in groups: 2 or 3 persons. This means you have to contribute positively to a group effort.

This is what I mean by a positive group effort:

Select one of two approaches: more inside than out or more outside than in.

OPTION 1: More Outside than In: The MOST EXCITING and BESTEST OPTION (unless we are having very bad weather)

Get in your groups...

OPTION 2: More Inside than Out (only in case of really really cold weather, unexpected monsoons, or a spike in local zombie attacks)

Whilst in your groups...

2. "Derive" (walk) the Line and Map What You Find

3. Include the following features on your map

4. Project Description

What's Due:


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