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A limited number of students may opt to fulfill this W/R requirement in this class. The option requires mutual agreement, yours and mine. Humanities-Classics and Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Studies majors have priority.

In order to receive the R “writing credit” in this class, you must complete the following set of non-Herculean writing and research tasks:

  1. Write one substantial paper (5+ pages) in addition to those otherwise required for the course. Select a problem or issue that interests you. I will discuss suitable topics with you, then approve a topic of your choice, and I will help you find suitable bibliography.

  2. Develop this analysis or critique through at least four typed stages:

      State the topic, a problem that you wish to address, and its significance and relevance for our course. (1 p. max.)

    2. OUTLINE & Preliminary BIBLIOGRAPHY
      A brief skeleton (follow approved format) of your project with a thesis (your idea, now)--not the topic (approx. 2 pp.). Outline will be accompanied by an annotated bibliography observing proper and consistent form (similar to that of the books and articles that you use, or a standard handbook). The annotation (your thumbnail critique) summarizes the significant contribution of each book and article to your topic. Employ at least this minimum number of modern sources: three articles and three books.

    3. DRAFT
      The full (and not first) draft represents your best paper with all evidence and documentation (notes, illustrations [if appropriate], bibliography.) at this stage.

      Thoroughly revise the draft taking account of all my comments and suggestions, developing where necessary. (N.B.: this requirement does not mean you need agree with or adopt all my suggestions.) This is the hardest part.

  3. Useful details.

    Deliver all earlier stages with the latest in a large envelope with your name on the front. For example, hand in old #1 and #2 when delivering new stage #3.

    Arrange brief conferences with me during office hours about the revisions that I have indicated for stages ##1, 2, 3, before you advance to the next step. No more than seven (7) weeks may elapse between handing in stages #1 and #4.

    Paper must reach stage #1 no later than week 5 of the semester and stage #4 no later than week 12. Sooner is better to avoid interfering with tour and other term-papers and finals.

    If you receive the grade of B- or better on stage #4, you will receive R option credit in the course and extra credit towards your course grade. If you don’t, you have still gained valuable writing experience.

    I will determine your paper’s grade by the significance of your problem, adequate definition and collection of evidence, documentation of sources, intellectual development and organization of argument, and the value and coherence of your conclusions. The final paper should demonstrate, as well, a mature vocabulary relevant to the subject (e.g. oral traditional poetry topics should include type-scenes, heroic epithets, and formulae), appropriate complexity of sentence structure, proper paragraphing and section divisions. In addition we hope to find attractive lay-out with clear printing, and very few errors in grammar, spelling, syntax, quotation, and reference forms.

    Ask for assistance or clarification at any time. I have designed this minimal set of tasks to help you become a better writer. It is your responsibility to remember and meet all deadlines and requirements. The first two stages should take no longer than 7 days each. Leave adequate time for contemplation and thorough revision. Start now.

Obelisk Sun Dial of
				the Emperor Augustus
				in Rome.

Obelisk Sun Dial of
the Emperor Augustus
in Rome