Publication Information

When editing of your review has been completed and it has been selected--by field--for inclusion in a specific issue, the reviewer's name, name of the book reviewed, and that book's author are listed below in the corresponding issue numbner. The review's are organized by their placement in the journal itself. If a reviewer has multiple reviews in an isssue, they will be listed for each review that is being published. Generally reviews are published in order of receipt according to slots available in their geographical and topical fields: Africa and Middle East; The Americas; Asia and the Pacific; Europe; and General, Comparative, and Historiographical. Books in smaller fields tend to appear in print more rapidly than books in larger ones. Depending on print queues by field, it can take from six to twelve months for a review to appear in published form.

Edit queries, missing contracts, or incomplete submissions can add to delays. This section of the Website is updated when we receive editor's copies of the journal: ca. 1 November, 1 February, 1 May, and 1 August. Any questions about the publication of your review should be directed to the The Historian's email address:

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