Information for Publishers

What Kinds of Books Are Reviewed in The Historian?

The Historian is one of only two national journals that reviews books in all fields and all time periods of history. This includes monographs, edited collections of essays, reference works, and primary source materials. Other books may also be reviewed if they are in a related field of clear interest to historians, such as art history, archeology, architecture, international relations, historical sociology, philosophy, and historiography.

How Are Books Selected for Review?

We receive books from more than 400 academic and trade presses each year. Each book is categorized by the staff and evaluated by a member of our Board of Regional and Temporal Sub-Editors. Books are chosen for their importance to the field; interest to our wide readership of historians, teachers, librarians, archivists, and general readers; and geographical and temporal significance. An effort is made to review books in roughly the same proportions as they are received so that the journal reflects what is being published by the profession as a whole.

How To Send Books To The Historian

The Book Review Section examines and assesses for review all books that it receives. We are also pleased to receive publisher catalogues and reviewer checksheets. Books should be mailed to:

Richard Spall, Ph.D.
Book Review Editor, The Historian
400 Elliott Hall,
Ohio Wesleyan University
Delaware, OH 43015-2398


Two tearsheets are sent to the publisher of each book that is reviewed. It can take six to nine months, or more, from receipt of a book until its review appears in print.