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The editors of The Historian ask that authors of book reviews please follow these guidelines. Bibliographical information for the book under review should be single-spaced using the appropriate form of citation (see below) and placed at the top of the first page. Be sure to include the price of the book. Please use the following sample forms for title citation:

The Lands of St. Peter: The Papal State in the Middle Ages and the Early Renaissance. By
               Peter Partner.(Berkeley, Calif.: University of California Press, 1972. Pp.
               pxii, 471. $17.50.)

The Cambridge History of Islam. Volume I, The Central Islamic Lands; Volume II, The Further
            Islamic Lands; Islamic Society and Civilization. Edited by P.M. Holt, Ann K.S.
            Lambton, and Bernard Lewis.(Cambridge, England: The Cambridge University Press, 1970. Pp. xviii, 815;
            xxvi, 996. $19.50 each, $37.50 for both.)

Revolutionary Struggle, 1947-1958. [Volume I of the Selected Works of Fidel Castro]. Edited,
           with an introduction, by Rolando E. Bonachea and Nelson P. Valdes. (Cambridge, Mass.: The
            MIT Press, 1972. Pp. xii, 471. $12.50.)

- Because of the steadily increasing costs of publication, reviews that exceed the assigned length will be edited to the designated length. If reviews cannot easily be edited to length, they will be returned to the author. Please help us to maintain the designated lengths. Reviews are edited to bring them into conformity with house style, a summary of which is available on our Webpage at

- The review should be typed, double-spaced, and ready for the printer, with your name on the bottom flush right and institutional affiliation underscored on the bottom flush left of the last page of the review.

- Quotations should be double checked for accuracy and page numbers given in parentheses after the closing quotation mark. Do not use "p" or "pp" to indicate page or pages after quotations. The page number in parentheses will be sufficient.
EXAMPLE: "The author argues that "Queen Victoria was the central pivot round which the whole magnificent edifice revolved" (269).

- Please underscore rather than using italics for titles, foreign words, emphasis, etc.

- The Historian now requests all book reviews be sent to us in their final revised form on computer disk AND in two (2) hard copies. This speeds up the publication process and greatly reduces the number of typographical errors.

- The Historian uses WORDPERFECT, but we have facility to convert most common wordprocessing formats. If your book review is already in this format, all you need to do is copy your review onto a formatted 3.5" disk. After you have copied your review onto the formatted disk, please call it up and examine it to make sure everything is in order. If it is in some other program, please make sure you identify what program you are using. Owing to the frequency with which viruses are transmitted by e-mail attachment (several dozen per year are received here), we will delete any messages with attachments that we have not agreed to receive in that fashion.

- Please protect your disk when mailing it to us. You can buy special disk mailers at many post offices and office or mailing supply stores; or, you can tape your disk between two pieces of cardboard (do not attach tape to the disk itself). Please write DO NOT BEND/REVIEW on the outside of the envelope before you place your disk inside.

- After copy editing to ensure uniformity of style, clarity, accuracy, and facility, your review will be published as soon as The Historian's schedule permits. After publication, offprints of your review can be mailed to you free of charge. For extra copies contact us. You should also return the reviewer registration/contact card in case we have questions about your review. Proofs are sent only in the event that significant revisions are made. This usually takes about four to seven months depending upon when in the review cycle it is received, what changes have to be made, and the size of the field of study. Errors and corrections will generally delay publication by one full press cycle.

By following these guidelines you will help us to make sure that your review is as correct and accurate as possible and that it appears in print without delay. Your assistance is very greatly appreciated! Thanks again for your willingness to review for The Historian. To remain on schedule, it is vital that your review be received by the due date.

Please mail the review to:

Prof. Richard Spall, Ph.D.
Book Review Editor, The Historian
Elliott Hall IV
Ohio Wesleyan University
Delaware, OH 43015

Phone: 740-368-3642
FAX: 740-368-3643
Website: http://go.owu/~brhistor